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All About Tees

by Marco Dela Cruz |

Tees are an expression of one’s personality. A style staple, and a canvas of unlimited art.
Nowadays, people can wear a plain white tee and still look stylish and hot as hell!
Marlon Brando
Did you know that the first tee was manufactured during the Mexican-American War in 1913? These plain tees were used by the U.S Navy as a standard undershirt. But tees were still not used as a fashion staple, until Marlon Brando and James Dean came along, and made plain white tees look cool when they wore these in their movies!
During the 1970’s, the tees became the powerful messaging platform that it is today due to the rise of rock bands. Bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, The Rolling stones and Pink Floyd were so popular that their band logos were printed in tees.
Fast forward to the 21st Century, manufacturing of tees became a multi-billion industry! You can find everything printed in tees from psychedelic art works, memes, cartoons and famous movies.
Now if you want to be unique in fast-moving society, you can just grab a tee of your choice and flaunt it!
Are you a musician, an artist or a self-proclaimed rebel? Great! There’s a tee for you! Do you love bodybuilding? Grab yourself a graphic muscle shirt!
Tees can be as casual as possible or a high fashion wear depending on you. Tees are here to stay forever, love it, breathe it, own it!
What's your favourite t-shirt? 
Take a picture of yourself, post it and tag us to show it to the world!

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