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Hairstyles For Men With Curly Hair

by Marco Dela Cruz |

The struggle is real for men with curly hair. It’s hard to style, maintain, and is all over the place. Some people will tell you to just shave your head or have a really short hairstyle to hide your curls. We’re here to tell you otherwise. 

We’ve compiled a few hairstyles for men with curly hair to show off those sexy curls and natural texture.

Disclaimer: These are for guys who are tired of hiding their curls and just want to liberate themselves from the hair styling norms of the past!

Shoulder Length Curly Hair

This hairstyle will provide you an array of styling options from the man bun, half-up, swept back, ponytail or just let it hang loose. The length of your hair is long enough to show off the volume and natural waves or tight spirals. Perfect for the “I couldn’t care less about what you think” bad-ass look!

Shaggy Curls and Fringe

The guy in the picture reminds me of Lenny Kravitz. Just oozing with appeal and confidence. If you have tight curls, and want a laid-back hairstyle then this is for you. Go for an ear-length shag and let the curls loose. You can grow a full beard or not, it’ll look sexy either way!

Tousled Curls

A 3-4 inches short cut where you can tousle the curls using your fingers and style it with light-hold mousse or hair spray. Looks better if you have moderate facial hair like this dude!

The Afro

Who says you can’t look cool with an afro hairstyle? Famous celebrities have it from Bruno Mars, Corbin Bleu, and Lenny Kravitz at one point. Let it loose. 

Curly Hair Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is back! Today’s variation of the famous 90’s cut is full of texture and more messy. How to pull it off? Ask your barber to give you a low undercut and then just play with the top part and let your curls flow.

You see you can create a lot of hairstyles for your sexy curly hair. Don’t hide it! Grow it! Experiment on it and find that style that will suit you. Be proud and look cool.

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