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by Marco Dela Cruz |

Did you know that the term ‘Hoodie’ came from the Anglo-Saxon word 'hod' which means ‘English hat’. Hoodies can be traced back to Medieval Europe as clothing for monks. You might have seen a lot of movies where monks wear a hooded robe, it’s their way to be identified by society back then and a way to protect themselves from the natural elements. During the 12th century, hooded capes were worn by outdoor workers in England. The hooded sweatshirt was used by US workers in the 1930s during cold weather while working in warehouses. The hoodie only became popular as a fashion statement in the 1970s when Hip hop culture started to develop during that time. Most critical to the popularity of the hoodie is the movie blockbuster Rocky.
It was only during the 1990s that the term ‘hoodie’ became popular. Hoodies became a symbol of isolation for teens, gaining popularity in the U.S. Hoodies also became a sort of label for people who are ‘shady’ or people who are ‘up to no good’ so some people took the initiative to ban people wearing hoodies from entering public areas such as shops and grocery stores. This was due to the fact that robberies were usually done by people wearing hoodies.
People began to stereotype people wearing hoodies as anti-social, and ‘up to no good’. But people wear hoodies to be discreet and celebrities use it to hide their identities when in public. Some wear it as a style preference to show they are cool, or that they love a certain genre of music. As hip hop lovers usually wear hoodies, sometimes rock music lovers too!
You see not all people who wear hoodies are up to no good. They may be a mystery, a rebel, a symbolism, or just a music preference thing. But one thing’s for sure, we should not judge someone who wears it.

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