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Let's talk about hats

by Marco Dela Cruz |

Hats are used to protect your head, as a status symbol and a fashion staple.

Throughout the middle ages, women used veils to hide their hair and framing the face. It was only during the 15th century that women's hats started to have some elaborative designs.

It was only during the 16th and 17th centuries that hats predominated men which were worn by aristocrats, cavaliers, and gallants.
man wearing a hat on the beach

It was during the 19th century that new types of hats were invented and Industrial Revolution made mass production of hats possible. One of these hats is the well known 'Fedora'.

Baseball caps evolved in the late 19th century but were only used in baseball games until the 1970s.

It was only during the late 20th century that wearing hats became part of everyday clothing.

You see there's a rich history behind hats. Are you a Fedora guy? Trilby? Panama Hat guy? Baseball cap lover? I bet if you try to search for the history of your favorite hat, you'll find a rich history behind it.
man wearing a hat on an urban wall

Nowadays, you can identify a personal style preference according to the hat that he wears, snapback baseball caps and beanies are usually worn by hip-hop lovers, and the more relaxed baseball caps made out of canvass or cotton were called "dad hats" are usually used for a vintage look for laid-back dads.

Newsboy caps and flat caps are popular with celebrities and T.V personalities. The Bucket hat is popular with skater culture and musical subcultures. And who can forget the summer essentials called Panama and Boater hats?

You see like tees, there's a perfect hat for your personality. Hats are no longer just protective wear, but also a part of our culture.

For me I love fixed size baseball caps, I don't like snapbacks because in the long run, the lock breaks due to wear and tear. I prefer hats made by the company New Era. I have 2 caps, one with the "NY" New York Yankees design and "LA" Los Angeles Dodgers design.

How about you? What kind of hats do you love?

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