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Little survival tips for your quarantine life

by Marco Dela Cruz |

All of us are stuck in our homes during this strange times. Binge-watching Netflix, eating our hearts out, getting fat, and we keep on watching news about this Covid-19 pandemic.

I know it's not healthy right?

It's really hard to stay positive when all you hear about is the Corona Virus. But we have total control over our lives. We can choose to stay in the anxiety slump or we can start doing something to make ourselves feel better and develop a new habit.


Jumping rope

Yeah! Lying in your bed and sitting in front of the computer all day ain't gonna cut it!
I'm not saying we should do HIIT and extensive workouts, just something to keep our blood flowing and sweat a little.

Studies say that adults should do a moderate physical activity of 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday to stay healthy and boost the imune system.

So how about it? let's start with...


Start with your head and make sure not to miss any major body part! Hold a stretching pose for 16 seconds to make sure the blood circulates properly to every part of your body. Also, you don't want to have muscle cramps (yikes!) in the middle of an exercise session because you failed to stretch properly. Just Google stretching videos so that you'll have something to follow if you don't know how to start.


Weights and gym gloves

That's right! You don't need dumbells or kettle bells to get in shape! You can use your own body weight and target major muscle groups and still improve your overall health. Some of the exercises that you can do are squats, push ups, planks and crunches. Don't go for 50 reps immediately, that's just crazy!

Remember to start slow, and enjoy your progress daily.

If you can only do 10 reps today, that's okay! Slow and steady progress is the way to go! and you won't feel like crap after a workout! This will let you stay motivated and look forward to your workout session for the next day.

Don't forget to hydrate!

Not with soda or alcohol, silly! with water! enough said!

There are literally tons of workout videos out there for free that specializes in using your bodyweight, just make sure you search for something simple. Remember, you're not aiming to compete in a bodybuilding competition, you just want to improve your health.

So what will you get from exercising daily?

A stronger immune system, a better looking body, a better outlook in life, a happier self, and the list goes on and on.

In a nutshell? You'll find yourself feeling less afraid, and anxious about what's happening in the world right now, and in the process you're helping our frontliners in our fight against Covid-19 by staying at home, staying positive and spreading good vibes, instead of looking for someone to blame and complaining about everything.

Take control of your life, choose to be strong and stay safe.

Till next time!

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