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Top 5 Jackets Every Man Should Own

by Marco Dela Cruz |

Every man has a favorite jacket that they love to wear every day. Here at 75k Urban Fashion, we’ve collated the top 5 jackets that every man should own to diversify your wardrobe and stay on top of the game.

The Overcoat

The overcoat is minimal in design. The simplicity in design makes it easy to pair it with most suits. Since it is intended for more formal affairs, this coat has a wider cut. A dark color is an investment where you’ll never go wrong. 

The original construction includes a single-breasted closure, a welt pocket at the chest, and a notched collar. Constructed of high-quality wool fabrics that are designed to withstand harsh weather. 

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 The Parka Coat

The parka coat or “puffer coat” is king when it comes to withstanding natural elements!  Back then, parka coats are made out of real sealskin or caribou to be able to withstand the harsh arctic climates. The modern-day parka coat is made out of lightweight synthetic materials but offers the same protection as the 1st-generation parka coats.


The Bomber Jacket

These jackets have fitted or elastic waist and cuffs, and originally worn by members of the U.S Air Force. A style favorite of all men. Bomber jackets can be made of leather, wool or nylon material.

The Biker Jacket

If you’re a rebel and want to show that off, then motorcycle jackets are for you. You don’t even need a motorcycle to rock these, just that “ I couldn’t care less of what you think” attitude and you’re good to go! Made out of leather, you can never go wrong pairing these up with your fave jeans and boots, or chucks!

The Trucker Jacket

Another timeless classic jacket design. The trucker jacket was made famous by Levi’s. A long-time favorite of men. These jackets are usually made out of blue denim, but as time goes by, a lot of options have been crafted including black and brown denim, suede and shearling-trimmed designs.


The Hooded Jacket

Who doesn’t like hooded jackets, right? It’s functional and stylish. You can wear it and protect yourself from the sun or rain by wearing the hood. This is the reason why most hooded jackets are made out of waterproof and water resistant materials. Hooded jackets have evolved over the years, depending on your needs, there’s a hooded jacket for you.

 Do you own one of each type of jackets that we mentioned here? If yes, then good for you! You have a diversified wardrobe to keep you protected in the cold weather while staying stylish. If not, then we strongly suggest that you start collecting one of each jacket type. These are investments that will keep you protected and stylish for a very long time.


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